Jul 24, 2016

Colgate Magical Story with Sea World Creatures

To enhance the knowledge and creativity of a child, this time Colgate has designed four different packs having a story line in them. These packs have many sea world creatures and other famous characters. The objective of this activity is to make the children imagine a story in a new way. On the other hand, they are able to know about many trivia and tidbits about sea creatures. 

When I receive these four packs, my daughter seems very happy. She started observing all the characters printed inside the packs. I told her to cut all the characters and try to weave a story.

She was very enthusiastic to do this project. She took it as a new task. She cut all the characters and wrote all the information on a sheet of paper. It was very informative because around 15 sea creatures have been mentioned in all the four packs. Collectively it is like a sea world picture book for a child. 

My daughter weaved a Colgate magical story, which I would like to mention here.

Blackbeard, with his assistant Sadie, was always in search of treasure hidden under the sea. He was very experienced sailor and navigator. He had many magical powers. He had a sword with magical powers. He could fight with any dangerous animals with the help of his sword.  Sadie, on the other hand, was very clever and could understand many languages and had great knowledge and behavior of sea world animals.
They had a parrot which could imitate human voice. They were on sail to search the treasure in the Indian Ocean.  

They found the colourful Coral reefs in their sea route. Sadie was noting down the details of animals and sea world creatures around the Coral Reefs. They saw many dolphins during their navigation. Some were small and some were big. Dolphin is a very cool animal.  They saw sting ray, killer whale, Barracuda, Sea horse, Sea turtle, Lion fish and many other sea animals during their hunt of the treasure. Sadie was using many devices to find out the location of castle. They had to find the castle so that they could get the treasure map. 

With the help of modern gadgets, Sadie helped the Blackbeard to find the exact location of the castle. Now Blackbeard prepared himself to get down under the sea water.

When he dived into sea water, it was very pleasant environment inside. The sea water was like blue world all around. The Blackbeard chanted some magical words. He saw a mermaid in front of him showing him the way to castle.  He saw sharks and crabs roaming around but he was fearless as he was having the magical sword. After searching here and there, he was able to find the treasure map. Now the final journey started. He had to find the treasure

After swimming around half an hour, he saw a shipwreck. There he saw sea animals like star fish, puffer fish, etc. As he was nearing the treasure, he was attacked by a sword fish. Sword fish attacked his left hand. But the Blackbeard was a brave man. In the reply, he attacked the sword fish, and finished it in single blow.

When the octopus saw the fight between the Blackbeard and Sword fish, it became afraid and fled away. Thus the Blackbeard got the treasure easily. 

If you want more information about Colgate Magical Story, please visit  http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc

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