Nov 28, 2015

How to Keep a Baby’s Soft Skin Safe

A baby’s skin is as soft as butter, so it is very important to keep the soft and delicate skin of a baby safe and natural at any cost. In this post I am going to jot down five ways to keep a bay’s skin safe.

Oil Selection for massage
It is essential to choose natural and chemical free oil for baby. There are many oils available in the market.  I would prefer to use mustard oil if it is home made. You can put one or two litre of mustard oil in a glass bottle and bury this into the soil for about 6 months and use it. Jayfal can be used in winter season.

If you live in urban area, many banded diapers are available. You can purchase any brand. Pampers diaper are of good quality. But if you live in rural part of the country, homemade cotton napkin can be prepared.  I have seen people using old used cotton cloths to make napkins for daily use. It is also important to change these diapers frequently if it is wet otherwise it would invite rashes on the soft skin.

Use Nets 
I would prefer using nets to cover the baby for a sound sleep. After oil massage and breastfeeding baby generally sleep. If nets are used during sleep, it protects baby from mosquitoes and other insects. I won’t suggest mosquito repellent as its odour might be harmful for baby. So use mosquito net to keep the baby’s skin from any insect bite.

Sunlight Exposure
In many areas of the country sunlight is regarded as a very important source for growth and nutrition. It helps to synthesize vitamin D into the body. But what amount of sunlight should be acceptable. I would prefer the middle way; neither less nor more.  The baby’s skin should get sunlight properly. If baby is allowed to sit/ sleep/ or lie in the sunlight, more than the required, it may lead to sunburn or may suffer from bad effects of UV rays.

Use of Soaps/Shampoos/other things
While selecting soaps/ shampoos/powder/etc., be careful. Always buy high quality natural things. Most of the products available in the market are not suitable for baby’s soft skin. 

Cloths for Baby
Always go for soft clothes. Use soft towels for cleaning purposes. Do not clean the baby’s skin harshly and never put extra pressure on the skin. Keep more attention while cleaning private body parts.  Always pay attention to the things lying around the baby inside or outside your house.

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