Sep 27, 2015

Home Makeover with Multiple Colours #PaintFinder

Home is a place where we all like to live peacefully. Everyone tries to make his or her home a happy place to live in. I also believe to have a clean and colorful house. When it comes to chose the wall and ceiling color; for me it is always difficult find the right choice. When a color suits me it does not suit other family members. But this is a thing which must be resolved with majority. Everyone tries to find out the solution. People look for colorful catalog of different paint manufacturing company. If you chose a color, the sales people will say, this particular color is not available right now. Some other similar shade will work. So these are the little things which make you unusual. Either the thought to compromise is appear or you think that let it go, I will change the color of the wall on next Deepawali.

But here comes a very novel concept of color - #PaintFinder.
This website is self sufficient to provide you all types of color solution rather more than you think. As the company profile says- The Company understands the need of the consumer and provides a wide range of services. At Bed Bath More, a customer can find many ideas, inspirations and products to fulfill all his dreams. So, I log on to the website. First of all I chose paint shade; it was Irish Eye 4T for my drawing room. As I click this shade, I saw the result, how the wall will look on the screen. It gives you an idea about the output. All family members okayed this color. I save this in my cart.  Then I chose the color for the walls of kid’s room. It was California Lettuce 4D.  

This color is very smooth and will light efficient color. The preview of the color is soothing and appreciated by all members of the family. I also cart this color. A customer can calculate the quantity of paint by feeding the square area in the boxes and can calculate the price of the paint used. I appreciate the services and the variety of colors at Bed Bath More.  This is the right choice!
You can select your favorite color using this website. I like the home paint guide very much.

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association withBlogAdda & Bed Bath & More“.

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