May 18, 2015

My First Expert @My mom

When do you need an expert? The answer is: When you are in trouble or unable to do a work properly or you are helpless. It is said that mother is the first teacher. When I remember the whole thing in this context, I feel every time, life without mother is almost impossible for me. From homework to kitchen work, from drawing to playground, I always find my mom as an expert.
I would like to mention the expertise of my mother with an example. That year I passed my class 12th and I have to go to college. The college was around 7-8 kilometers away from my residence. My father was out of town on account of his job. He used to come once in a month. The transportation facility of the town was very poor. My mom told me to use a scooter to go to my college.  It was very difficult for me to ride scooter. My mom is like a fighter. She used to go to someplace every day. When I asked where you went. She did not reply. 

After 15 days, she was very happy. I was very surprised to see this kind of happiness on my mom's face.  I was trying to find out the reason for that. But it was clueless.
In the evening, I saw a scooter coming towards my house. I was trying to recognize the face of the lady driving it. When it came close, I saw my mom was driving it perfectly.
I was full of joy. My mother came to me with smile and told me- If I can drive the scooter why not you. These words gave me confidence. My mom started my scooter driving class. After one week's practice, I was perfect in driving scooter. Today I drive scooter in a very busy city in India smoothly. But when I think about this incidence, I fill with joy. My mother who did not know to drive scooter, but when she found that it is essential for me to drive scooter as it will solve my one of the problem, she learned this.
I find that my mother is expert for everything for me. First she herself learned to drive scooter with the help of one of her close friend. Then she taught me to do the same. She equipped me with such a skill which is going to help me throughout my life. I salute this spirit of my mom. These days it is very common to drive scooter in cities by a girl. But when I learned driving, was very rare for a girl to go to college using scooter. My mom always encouraged me to go forward and take challenges. I can only say- My mom is an expert i.e. first expert for me. Thanks a lot Mom!

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