May 6, 2015

Ek Nayi League Heart Vs Brain

Kapil Dev RamLal Nikhanj one of the most celebrated cricketer in the world. He made every countrymen proud by lifting World Cup in 1983. He is well known for his out-swinger and 175 run inning in world cup in 1983 against Zimbabwe.

Recently the legendary cricketer has joined the digital world. He is now on twitter. Ek nayi league is going to be one of the most popular program/show online or TV whatever. The videos shown indicates that the content of the show will brain based not heart-related. I mean heart quotient would be there but lastly person with brain will be winner.

In first video Kapil talks about MSD, it means MSD will be also associated with this show. He talks with MSD and praises the INDIAN Team he has made with his heart. He achieved a lot with his team. In between he talks about his retirement. He also repeated the words of Evergreen actor Dev Anand by saying that ek actor ya sports man never retires. It is true that a sports person never retires. People like Kapil Sharma ( Comedy Nights ) , Sania Mirza, Yuvraj Singh would be part of this. It would be a great time to see all these on the same platform. Kapil talks about how Yuvi fought cancer and came back to cricket ground and the amount he got for IPL 8 season was 16 crores. It is an inspiration for all youths around the globe. Dil se khela to hit wicket. The terminology itself explains that heart will not only help the players have to apply brain to be victorious. In another video Kapil Dev talks with Sania Mirza the Tennis star. He says, he fought very much for her. In his visit to America he said to the officials only  300 girls  play the tennis in which one is top 20 in the world. This would be very helpful in nurturing talent who are deprived of resources. The PM of India Narendra Modi congratulated Kapil Dev to join the twitter. Kapil Dev is very dedicated to sports.
But after every video Kapil Dev says – my league would be different to all these. It means it will be going to be challenging. Every time he says to follow his twitter account for any revelation about this new league.

If it will be a game show then it must have some financial touch. Like KBC participants will be able to win some money. Another angle will be of inclusion of some other celebrities to earn some online fund to help the young talent  to promote sports in India. #EkNayiLeague is trending on twitter and many celebrities are admiring this league. But whatever it would be; it would be again an all-round performance by the Legend.

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