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My First Expert @My mom

When do you need an expert? The answer is: When you are in trouble or unable to do a work properly or you are helpless. It is said that mother is the first teacher. When I remember the whole thing in this context, I feel every time, life without mother is almost impossible for me. From homework to kitchen work, from drawing to playground, I always find my mom as an expert.
I would like to mention the expertise of my mother with an example. That year I passed my class 12th and I have to go to college. The college was around 7-8 kilometers away from my residence. My father was out of town on account of his job. He used to come once in a month. The transportation facility of the town was very poor. My mom told me to use a scooter to go to my college.  It was very difficult for me to ride scooter. My mom is like a fighter. She used to go to someplace every day. When I asked where you went. She did not reply. 

After 15 days, she was very happy. I was very surprised to see this kind of happin…

Ek Nayi League Heart Vs Brain

Kapil Dev RamLal Nikhanj one of the most celebrated cricketer in the world. He made every countrymen proud by lifting World Cup in 1983. He is well known for his out-swinger and 175 run inning in world cup in 1983 against Zimbabwe.

Recently the legendary cricketer has joined the digital world. He is now on twitter. Ek nayi league is going to be one of the most popular program/show online or TV whatever. The videos shown indicates that the content of the show will brain based not heart-related. I mean heart quotient would be there but lastly person with brain will be winner.

In first video Kapil talks about MSD, it means MSD will be also associated with this show. He talks with MSD and praises the INDIAN Team he has made with his heart. He achieved a lot with his team. In between he talks about his retirement. He also repeated the words of Evergreen actor Dev Anand by saying that ek actor ya sports man never retires. It is true that a sports person never retires. People like Kapil Sharm…