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Dularpur Darshan -29

What is in your Morning Routine?
Following a proper and planned morning routineis a great habit to get into and can significantly reduce morning stress and increase productivity. If you are someone who wakes up with a bit of a fuzzy head and walk around like a zombie until it's time for work, you're not really starting your day on the right way. Get out of bed and start your day with purpose, and set yourself up for the great day that lies ahead of you. Having a morning routine and knowing what you're going to do as soon as you wake up will give you more purpose and stop you from turning over and falling back asleep. How many times have you hit the alarm clock and thought 'another 15 minutes won't do any harm'? it's time to get rid of that thinking and start a new morning habit. Creating a morning routine really starts with preparing for this the night before. before you go to bed make sure you have everything prepared for you as soon as you get up. You don't…