Feb 9, 2012

Dularpur Darshan -7

Dularpur is a big village in Begusarai district of Bihar. It is in Teghra sub division of Begusarai district. Dularpur covers a land area of about 36000 bighas. People of different casts live together happily. The economy of this village mainly depends of agriculture. The land of Dularpur Diyara is very fertile. The main crops include wheat, maize, coriander, wokla -a pulse, mustard, arhar, etc. Dularpur is also famous for Dularpur Math. National Highway-28 passes from this village. Nearest railway stations are Barauni, Teghra and Bachhawara. Indian Oil Corporation , Hindustan Fertilizer Limited , Barauni Thermal Power Station and many other industries lie 8-10 km away from this village.
Barauni Refinery was built in collaboration with Russia and Romania1n 1965

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